Himbergen 208 - Seed mix for parrots and cockatoos (15 kg)

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Himbergen 208, mixture for Parrots, Macaws, Cockatoos, Grey Parrot, Amazons etc. This mixture can be used all year round as a basic food.

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208 - Seed mix for parrots and cockatoos (15 kg)

Himbergen 208 for Parrots and Cockatoos

In the second half of the 80s, the interest in keeping and breeding parrots and cockatoos greatly increased. In the literature are often very different opinions on the diet of these birds. For this reason I am often asked: "How is the daily ration of parrots and cockatoos composed?

In order to answer this question I had during the first parrot symposium (April 26, 1986 Rotterdam Zoo, Rotterdam) just 45 minutes. Of course can never be given a full picture in such a short time but the essence of the care of parrot-like therefore is clearly put forward, including the following example:

Composition: Moisture-rich
Green food
Fatty Nutrition
Sunflower seed
Fatty Nutrition
Sunflower seed
Seed mixture
Code 8 
Crude protein % 2 14,9 27,7 13,6
Crude fat% - 29,8 45,2 15,9
Moisture % 94 7,8 6,6 10
Energy kcal/kg 120 4058 5840 3600

Two extremes from practice is shown in the schematic. In the first place a moisture-rich diet (green vegetables, fruits, etc), this takes the parrot to "mandatory" water and too little protein (growth factor) and carbohydrate / fat (energy booster). The bird is mainly or exclusively fed daily, the bird lives on the edge of an existence minimum. "Dikzitten, watery stools and weight loss by consumption of the body reserves can eventually lead to death.

On the second one-sided high-fat diet with sunflower seeds and other high-fat feed. As a result of this building in the course of time, parrots an eating habit. Now the birds are not only a one-sided protein, but also a lot to high fat content.

As the parrot the sunflowerseed rid of the shell, we see the actual fat content, a daily ration by more than 45% fat. When the bird is housed in a warm environment, with this power supply to subcutaneous fat layer is formed, which can be annoying for a plumage The parrot is less active and suitable course as a breeding bird.

Solar seeds are a treasured meal for parrots. A seed mixture, for parrots, cockatoos, however, should not consist essentially of the high-fat seeds. The from Himbergen seed mix for parrots and cockatoos (code 8) contains no corn, barley, milo, corn or peanuts. It consists of seeds, that are recognized by parrots one good nutritional value and the risk of fungal toxins, such as excludes peanuts.

This seed mix (code 8) must be provided daily in controlled quantity. Feeding in controlled amounts certainly does not mean "hungry imes. There every day as seed is provided so that the container is almost empty at the next feeding time.

Feeding trials have demonstrated when different types of parrots, cockatoos, which is recorded in this manner, more than 90% of the code 8 Himbergen seed mix. Fat-rich seeds, such as sunflower seeds, pine nuts and hemp are preferred. Ie when feed is dispensed in controlled amount, the birds only record these seed types and still unilaterally fed.

In order to obtain a sound absorption of food, parrots need to include the seed mixture, as it is composed.

During breeding and moulting-time, one-fourth part of the daily ration should consist of soft food. Provide 2 to 3 times per week in the rest of soft food sufficient. Herein, all necessary vitamins, mass and trace elements, and enough high-quality animal protein.

Although parrots and cockatoos relatively drink relatively little, every day fresh drinking water are provided.

Providing large amounts of wet feed (forage, fruit, germ seed, etc.) for an extended period of time has insufficient nutrients are absorbed. Therefore the lover may provide only limited wet feed on seed-eating parrots and cockatoos. Eclectus Parrots (and to a lesser extent, Amazon parrots) are an exception and may record some more fruit next to the seed mix.

Certainly do not provide too much wet feed during cold periods (frost) and unheated housing (indoor / outdoor). Too many "mandatory" moisture absorption takes the bird extra energy and is at the expense of the condition!


Himbergen 208 for Parrots and Cockatoos is available in:    15 kg


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