Anti- (Heat) Stress

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Anti- (Heat) Stress added to the water causes a bird to absorb more oxygen in the blood. Thus, it stays more active, has less heat and remains in better condition.

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Anti- (Heat) Stress

Anti- (Heat) Stress (50ml)

When the birds are warm, they open the mouth, move with the tongue and expel the feathers. These do them to cool their body, unfortunately, birds can not sweat like humans.
If birds get warmer, they no longer manage to cool the body. Due to this elevated body temperature, oxygen is no longer absorbed in the blood.
Simply put, the link to get oxygen from the lungs into the blood works worse.

The consequence of this is that the birds no longer eat. Which makes them lose weight and young birds do not grow optimally.
The bird is only busy with survival.
The same applies to birds in stress: transport, fireworks, transfers etc.
Adding anti- (heat) stress to the water causes a bird to absorb more oxygen in the blood. Thus, it stays more active, less susceptible to heat, thus keeping the bird in better condition. Make sure that at least 1 day before the heat begins, Anti- (Heat) Stress is added to the water. Keep providing as long as the warm period persists.
In case of other stress situations, begin with delivery on time. Better too soon than late!

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p de jong Posted on 2 May 2019 at 18:24
super goeie bezorging en service

Patrick P. Posted on 9 September 2018 at 11:31
Het product heeft zijn werk gedaan , gezien de extreme weersomstandigheden van de laatste weken is er 1 vogel uitgevallen , terwijl de temperatuur in de volieres toch steeg tot een 38-39°, ondanks een grote ventilator. Het is een aanrader.
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