Avian Eggfood Yellow with Honey

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Working with nutritionists and avian researchers Avian has produced an eggfood product that will provide the needed vitamins and minerals for your birds to excel. It is a broadly based soft eggfood, blended with the finest quality ingredients includi...

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  • Eggfood Yellow with Honey (1 kg)
  • Eggfood Yellow with Honey (6 x 1 kg)
  • Eggfood Yellow with Honey (15 kg)

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Eggfood Yellow with Honey

Egg food Fat with honey

Suitable for:    Carnivores, Frugivores, Granivores, Insectivores, Nectarivores

Product description:
Avian Eggfoot Fat is an additional food for all seed-eating birds (such as canaries, exotics, parakeets, etc.) and small fruit- and insect-eating birds. It has a high energy content and contains proteins and all vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential for growth, breeding and moulting. The added honey makes the feed extra tasty.

Instructions for use:

Preparation and dosage:
Give Egg Food Fat as ¼ part of the daily amount of food. Breeding season: 2-3 times a day, except the first 24 hours after hatching of the young Ruiperiode: 1x per day Intermediate periods: 2x per week. Always provide sufficient fresh drinking water.

Cereals, Bakery products, Oils and fats, Vegetable protein extracts, Seeds, Minerals, Various sugars, Eggs and egg Derivatives, Fruit.

Analytical components:
Crude protein 16%, Crude oils & fats 20%, Crude fibre 2,9%, Crude ash 4%, Calcium 0,78%, Phosphorus 0,34%, Sodium 0,17%, Magnesium 0,16%, Potassium 0,81%, Sulfur 0,0069%.

Additives: / Nutritional additives / kg:
Nutritional additives/kg: Vitamin A 18000 IU, Vitamin B1 9 mg, Vitamin B2 14 mg, Vitamin B6 14 mg, Folic acid 3,4 mg, Vitamin B12 22 µg, Vitamin C 45 mg, Vitamin D3 2250 IU, Vitamin E 450 IU, Biotin 560 µg, Vitamin K3 6,8 mg, L-carnitine 26 mg, Taurine 9

About Avian:
Aves specializes in the development and production of bird feeds. Through fundamental knowledge and research, Avesproduct with its quality products acquired an excellent reputation. 

The egg foods of Avian consist of 3 types: the rearing and concentrates, called Premium, the Gold Pate Yellow (fat-yellow with honey) and the Gold Pate Red (fat-red with honey). The maintenance is intended for all types of canary to tangara. Especially if your birds have young lying around, this is an excellent egg food. The Gold Pate Yellow is given to many species of birds which absorb bad egg food. As mentioned above, the Gould's but also lori species can be quite glandular. We provide this egg food to the sunbirds, tangaras and honeysuckers. Especially because of the beautiful fine structure, this is well absorbed.  Gold Pate Red is used where red coloring plays an important role.

For each species a specific soft food, your birds are worth it! 


Avian Eggfood Fat Yellow is available in:             1 kg │ 6x1 kg │ 15 kg

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