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LOBO Budget (22-9) is a basic diet that meets the needs of dogs with very little activity. Complete and ideal for the house dog. Always provide fresh drinking water.

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Pressed chunk

LOBO Pressed Chunk (25,5-14)

Lobo pressed chunk is an energetically pressed dog chunk free of wheat gluten. This pellet is of excellent quality and suitable for all breeds and all ages (from 9 months), easily digestible, very nutritious and fully balanced with all high quality raw materials resulting in optimal digestion and little relief. This pellet is made at a low temperature (cold pressed), so that the fats, proteins, vitamins, trace elements and minerals do not come under high heat and are optimally preserved. Salmon oil has been added for a well-balanced ratio of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Also in this recipe inulin is added, which promotes the growth of bifidus bacteria in the colon, increasing the absorption of minerals.

Average analysis:    
Rough eggwhite % 25.50
Crude fat % 14.00
Crude fiber % 2.00
Crude ash % 5.50
Moisture % 9.00
Calcium % 1.40
Phosphorus % 0.90
Vitamin A IE 18,000
Vitamin D3 IE 1.800
Vitamin E mg / kg 200
Vitamin C mg / kg 100
Additive oligo elements:    
Copper (Cu) mg / kg 5.00
Iron mg / kg 50.00
Zinc mg / kg 65.00
Manganese mg / kg 35.00
Jew mg / kg 1.50

LOBO Pressed Chunk is available in:
5 kg │ 20 kg

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