Canivera City Dog Formule

Dogs are much more than people exposed to the absorption of the pollution coming from exhaust fumes, or body poisoning by oils depositing on streets and pavements. The common habit of licking paws increases the amount of toxins penetrating the body.
Also, the way of life inconsistent with their natural evolution-formed biological processes, the inappropriate feeding and genetic problems caused by the selective crossbreeding, unfavorably affect the body immunity of the dog, causing thus the higher susceptibility to allergies, chronic diseases and poisoning.
Body Cleaning:
The City Dog formula contains montmorillonite, which emerged from the decomposition and transformation of volcanic ashes and dusts settled on the bottom of the seas in the alkaline environment with great contents of manganese and sodium ions.
It is built from three-layer very reactive packets. Owing to this, in the digestive system of the dog, micron-sized montmorillonite particles bind pathogens, mycotoxins and heavy metals (for instance arsenic, bismuth, nickel, mercury) threatening the health and life of the animal. In such an inactive form, the harmful compounds are carried with the dietary fiber and excreted with feces from the body.
Key Adventages:
  • prevents diarrheas by binding excessive water,
  • cleanses the body from toxins, heavy metals and pathogen bacteria (due to strong properties of catching pollution from the body), has a selective action: features a stronger affinity with pathogen bacteria than the beneficial bacteria present in the digestive system, 
  • causes the inorganic additives containing nitrogen (indispensable to the protein synthesis) to be better utilized,
  • enhances the assimilation of nutrie.


  • improves the treatment of inflammations of the digestive system, for instance ulcers,
  • helps treat certain allergy types,
  • has antimicrobiological properties, its effectiveness being partly comparable to that of antibiotics,
  • used to treat rheumatism, arthritis and osseous-muscular lesions.

Immune protection:

Increased immunity due to the high contents of antioxidants
Set of natural plant extracts from citruses, carnation, curcuma, rosemary and grapevine, being
a complete protection against the action of free radicals at the cell level.


Phase 1 – Initial Phase
Shields the cells from the outside creating a protective barrier. The group of external antioxidants creating a protective barrier around the cell membrane ensures the first protection level. They catch free radicals attacking the cell from the outside, bind them and prevent them from penetrating the inside of the cell.
Phase 2 – Prolonged Action Phase
Protects the cell inside against free radicals. The second phase is the internal protection against endo- and exogenous oxidants. It consists in the deactivation of the free radicals, which managed to get into the cell. It prevents DNA mutations and delays the aging processes.
Phase 3 – End Phase
After the death of the cell it protects its neighboring cells against toxins and side metabolites. The third dimension of the Immune Protection consists in the neutralization of toxins and side metabolites after the cell’s death and decay. Toxins are bound by the third group of free radicals and prevent the neighboring cells from being intoxicated.

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