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With less than 1.5 kg of concentrates per day for a horse (600 kg) and less than 0.75 kg per day for a pony (300 kg), they do not get enough vitamins and minerals and supplement with a balancer, such as Pavo Vital, the solution!

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Vital (8 kg)

Pavo Vital: the new generation balancer

Does your horse get little to no concentrate feed? Then give them Pavo Vital! When you are feeding your horse (of 600kg) less than 1,5kg or your pony (of 300kg) less than 0,75kg of concentrate, they don’t receive enough vitamins and minerals. In that case, a supplement such as Pavo Vital is the solution!

New generation balancer
Pavo Vital is a daily balancer: a pellet with all the vitamins and minerals that your horse needs, made from 100% natural raw materials and no unnecessary additives. Pavo Vital is unique due to the addition of the newest trace elements, Intellibond®. Normally trace elements like cupper and zinc have a very bad taste for the horse, so supplements containing these trace elements are often not very palatable. But the special Intellibond® trace elements are released in the stomach (not in the mouth) of the horse. Therefore they have no negative effect on the taste!  Together with the addition of timothy grass and Lucerne, Pavo Vital is a very delicious pellet!

Composed according to the latest research results
All vitamins and minerals in Pavo Vital are scientifically put together. Therefore, you do not have to use a combination of different products/supplements to add to your horses diet, which prevents the risks of overdosing.  Simply one daily portion of the supplement Pavo Vital, according to the guidelines, is sufficient to optimise and support your horses/ponies health.

About Pavo:
Our philosophy is simple; we want to contribute to the health of your horse! Because nutrition plays an important role in the health of horses, we place high demands on our products. Researching and renewing is corporate culture.

All products are made from the best possible raw materials, the recipes are scientifically substantiated and tested in practice.

Mr. De Lange was the first to start making horse feed and this character trait has always been present in the Stimulan company and the Pavo brand. Researching, innovating and innovating, it's a corporate culture.

Pavo follows the developments in the market and in science and tries to connect these to each other. She is always the first to develop new products and new food concepts together with the horse owner. Tailored to the wishes of the horse keeper and the needs of the horse.
Pavo sets the tone in the European horse feed market in its own unique way.

Important characteristics:
  • Free of Molasses and cereals
  • Very low sugar and starch content
  • 100% natural ingredients: timothy-grass and alfalfa
  • Highly digestible Intellibond® trace-elements
  • Non-GMO

Suitable for:

  • Horses and ponies that get little to no concentrate feed
  • Horses and ponies that only receive roughage (grass, hay or haylage)
  • Horses and ponies that stand in the field 24/7

Feeding advice:

  • Horse (600 kg): 100 grams per day
  • Pony (300 kg): 50 grams per day

Pavo's Mission

As the European market leader in horse nutrition, Pavo wants to contribute to the health of horses. She translates the latest scientific insights from the care of her customers
to innovative food concepts and top quality products.

Quality ... because Pavo stands for the best quality raw materials and quality products, but also for knowledge of nutrition and quality of advice.

Health ... because Pavo sees it as its task to contribute to the health of all horses.

... because the people at Pavo have a passion for horses and for food.

Content Pavo Vital:           8 kg

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