Slaats Forpus (20 kg)

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Slaats Forpus is a complete food for Forpussen.

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Forpus (20 kg)

Slaats Forpus

A complete seed menu for Forpuses. Made from carefully selected seeds of extra quality.

Taking care of Forpuses is not difficult, care for a good mix supplemented with egg food, germ seed, stomach pebble, vitamins and lime. They love various kinds of green fodder and fruit and exchange them regularly. Occasionally it is allowed as a delicacy.

Instructions for use: give your bird a daily fresh portion. Provide next to this for a healthy condition and a smooth moulting Slaats Eivoer and/or Slaats Eivoer Plus. Store in a cool and dry place.

Ingredients: various types of millet seed (among other things; Plata-, Japan- and white millet), canary seed, hemp seed, cardi seeds, broken peeled oats, neger seed, linseed.

Average analysis: Crude protein 14.5%, Crude fat 8.8%, Crude fibre 9.3%, Crude ash 4.0%, Moisture 10.6%.

Give the birds willowcases to gnaw at.

About the Forpus:
The Forpus species are usually kept as pets with at least one partner. They are very social and often show signs of depression when kept alone. It should be remembered that Forpussen, especially the male birds, can be very loud and need enough space to fly in and roam around. Another characteristic is that these birds may be sensitive to some degree of stress. Major and sometimes minor changes will lead to great unrest and sometimes even panic.

As with any kind of parrots (because of their strong beaks) they usually spend their time with their partner to gnaw together, preferably on wood and porous rocks. Because of their curiosity, exposure to toxic materials such as plastic (e. g. window seals), toxic plants and chemically treated objects must be strictly avoided, especially galvanized wires (used as cheap material for aviaries), have led to many cases of poisoning. They are not easy to breed because they are extremely aggressive and sometimes kill or seriously mutilate their partners. They are known for caustic attacks, usually aimed at their partners' claws.


Content Slaats Forpus:        20 kg

PGJ Nass Posted on 6 March 2019 at 19:01
Geweldig product en zeer snelle levering.
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