Versele-Laga Blattner Grosbeak III (4 kg)

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Blattner Grosbeak III is very suitable for crossbills, parrot crossbills, two-barred crossbills and pine grosbeaks.

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Blattner Grosbeak III (4 kg)

Versele-Laga Blattner Grosbeak III

Product presentation:
Very suitable for crossbills, parrot crossbills, two-barred crossbills and pine grosbeaks.
 Contains a.o.:      
 Spruce seed      
 Pine seed      
 Larch seed      
 German thistle seed      
 Cucumber seed      
 Spinach seed      
 White perilla      
 Lettuce seed      
 Sudan grass seed      
 Ash berries  
Providing the addition of 10 % sunflower seeds, also suitable for all kinds of hawfinches such as the Chinese hawfinch and all grosbeak species.
The most popular representatives of the finch-like birds are undoubtedly the magnificently coloured bullfinch and goldfinch. However other types like the chaffinch, the linnet, the Mexican rosefinch, the various types of greenfinches are also often seen in aviaries. All these types should preferably be fed with an adapted seed mix, enriched with numerous wild seeds like timotee-grass seed, thistle seed, evening primrose seed, chicory seed, plaintain...

Due to their agitated nature buntings and sparrows are kept less frequently in the aviary. However for experienced enthusiasts these types that are more difficult to breed will be a challenge. In addition to a good adapted seed mix, house sparrows, tree sparrows, yellowhammers, reed buntings... will also consume a generous ration of insects.

Among the crossbills, the common crossbill, the parrot crossbill, the two-barred crossbill and the pine grosbeak all owe their name to their beak. It is extremely suited to reach their favourite food, namely pine seeds from pinecones. Naturally a typical mix for these breeds will also include a wealth of seeds from all kinds of conifers.

Packing Blattner Grosbeak III:       4 kg
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